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Test the Model

You can test your model with text you type or copy and paste from an external source at any point in the model building lifecycle. We highly recommend testing your model after you have added 5 text segments to each entity in your schema. This aligns with when the system allows you to publish the first version of your model. 5 labeled text segments for each entity are usually not enough to produce a production quality model but they are enough for the system to have picked up some of the semantics of your model.

To test your model, select Test from the top-right navigation. Type a query into the text box and click "Test".

The model prediction will be shown inline on the query as underlines for each entity and sub-entity detected in the text.

Additionally, the count of each detected type will show on the right.

If you want to edit your labeling decisions or the schema, press "Resume Training" in the top-right. Otherwise, press "Publish".

Lastly, you publish the model.

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