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Select a Template

You can start a new model from the Duet template library. To view a list of the available templates, click on the Templates Library tab. A template contains a schema, which you can use as is or modify.

In the Templates library tab, click "Try It" on the "US address" template.

You can test the schema of a template using a model that Duet has built on some publicly available dataset. You are able to edit the schema later should you desire. To see if the schema is a good starting point, expand the schema on the right. Think about whether the entities that it is made to extract are suited for the types of data that you'll be providing. In the example below, you should provide a query that contains an address. That address should contain sub-entities like "Street", "City", "State" and "Zip Code". Type a query into the text box and click "Test".

Once you click "Test", the count of each detected type will show on the right. These results mean that the model detected one of each sub-entity as well as detecting the grouping of them right by detecting one occurence of the parent "Address", equating to four sub-entities and 1 parent entity. You will also see the solid underlines for each detected entity/sub-entity to show the character offset of where the entity is detected in the text. Each schema entity has its own color, which is translated into the underlines.

When you are done testing, click the "Use this Template" button in the upper right corner to start building your custom entity extraction model on your own data following the same schema of the template. You can always edit this schema later at any point while you are building your custom model by adding, deleting, renaming or moving some of the sub-entities.

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