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What is Document Understanding?

Duet is an AI SaaS platform that enables developers and data analysts to build custom machine-learning models to analyze text streams starting with no or little labeled data and requiring no prior machine learning expertise. The Duet platform focuses on two AI tasks: document classification and entity extraction. Document classification allows for categorizing a full document into one of the user-defined categories. Entity extraction focuses on extracting pieces of the text that are relevant to the business like IP content, PII information, or product names. The Duet platform has two major components: namely, guiding the user to build a high quality custom AI model and managing the lifecycle of the model through MLOps.

For first time users, follow these steps to sign in to Duet. To get started, you can try the Duet template library.

This documentation contains the following article types:

  • Quickstarts are getting-started instructions to guide you through onboarding to the Duet platform and creating models.
  • How-to-Guides contain instructions for using the platform in more specific or customized ways.
  • Concepts contains expansion on key concepts in the Duet system.
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