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What is a query in Duet?

A query is the input document sent to the deployed model endpoint URL to be categorized.

What happens if I exceed my limit on the amount of documents I can apply my model on?

If you exceed your query limit on your free account, Duet will respond with an error informing you about it via HTTP response code 429, and will not perform the task for which it was called. The limit is monthly, so you can run more queries after your account resets next month. If you need more queries, you can upgrade to the standard plan that up to 20M queries per month.

What is the max length of an input document to a delayed endpoint?

The API takes a document of 512KB as maximum size for documents queried with the POST method. It takes a document of 2kb as a maximum size for documents queried with the GET method. If your request is larger than 2kb, we strongly recommend that you use the POST version.

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