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Test Queries

Test queries are provided to Duet in order to find the top predicted category and its confidence score. You can test Duet interactively by typing, copying and pasting a piece of text, or by retrieving a random document from the dataset associated with the model one query at a time. While testing, assess whether the model's prediction response meets your standards. If it doesn't, make updates to the Duet model, teach, and test again.

  1. Press the Test tab at the top nav bar to start testing your model interactively.

  2. Type a query into the text box and click "Test".

  3. Analyze the model prediction results. The top predicted category appears selected at the top of a sorted list of categories by confidence score. The one with the highest confidence score is highlighted in green.

  4. If you want to edit your labeling decisions or the schema, press "Resume Training" in the top-right. Otherwise, press "Publish".

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