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Sign in to Duet

To get started, go to the Duet platform. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up and try the platform for free.

Notes on sign up:

  • Duet offers a free account tier and a standard paid tier. The free account will allow you to create a limited number of models and consume them with limits on the number of documents you can apply the model on (endpoint hits). When this limit is reached, the system will prompt you to update to the paid tier.
  • We offer three ways to create an account: standard email/password, Google account and Github account.

You'll then receive an account activation email that will serve as confirmation from Duet that your account has been created.

You will be asked some questions during sign-up that will help Duet better address your specific application domain. Beyond your name, organization and role, Intelus will ask three other types of questions.

  1. Question 1: Your application domain. Duet has a set of templates that can give you a quick start on the platform. Knowing your application domain enables the platform to recommend a template if one exists for your application or inform the Duet team when adding more templates.

  2. Question 2: What type of data that you would like to build a model to analyze.

  3. Question 3: The volume of text that you'll need analyzed.

Now you have successfully signed in to Duet, you can now start building models. Learn how to start a new model.

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