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Add Dictionary Features

You can add dictionary features either by choosing from suggested features when there is a conflict or by defining your own dictionary for a concept in your business domain. When reviewing a suggested dictionary item, a pop-up with the suggested phrases will appear. If you'd like to block a feature, you can read more about how to do so here.

You can delete some of the suggested phrases by clicking on the little "X" on the phrase. You can also add additional phrases by typing them in a comma-separated way in the phrase text box.

When you are defining your own dictionary feature, give your feature a name and select the schema category that the feature should associate with. Add a few phrases that represent the concept by typing them as comma separated and press "Add Phrases". For instance, if trying to define a dictionary item called "change" for changing orders, you may include "change" as a dictionary item, with synonyms like "modify", "adjust" and "update".
If you want to add a comma as a dictionary phrase, surround it with quotation marks.

You can also click the "Generate synonyms" button at the top right of the Relevant phrases text field. The system will help you generate synonyms.

You can include variations of the dictionary phrases at the bottom of the widget and select any relevant choices. "Ignore case" is always selected by default. Those listed are:
a. Ignore Case
b. Ignore Digit Identity
c. Ignore Tense
d. Ignore Plurals
e. Ignore Typos

  1. Once finished, press the "Add New" at the bottom of the screen.
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