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Using the Duet Dashboard

Duet enables users to build custom document classifiers on your textual data. You can create a new model in the portal in two main ways:

  • Start a new model from one of the Duet templates.
  • Start a new model from scratch.

Duet template library has a set of templates that can get you started on a custom model faster. A template provides a schema of categories that you can use to start your model but you can also modify to fit your data. You can test the schema of a template using a model Duet has built on some publicly available dataset to validate that the template schema suits your purposes. Templates can be used to create different types of models: document classifiers and entity extractors. The template library has templates that address the most common use cases for the Duet platform.

Create a new document classifier using the template library

  1. To create a model from a template, navigate to the Template Library tab. This can be accessed via the sidebar or the top navigation bar.

  1. Explore the template library either by filtering or by searching. You can search by keyword to find templates applicable to your business domain.

    You can filter the templates by domains from the "Show all" templates" drop down.

  2. If you find a template that you would like to explore, click "Try It" from the three vertical dots at the bottom-right of the card. This will open a test page for the template to validate its schema and check if it fits your data. For each template, Duet has a model built on some publicly available dataset relevant to the template domain. You can check the validity of the template schema using this model.

  3. In the template test page, examine the different categories, type a query, and click test and get the model prediction results. Use the prediction results to see whether the schema categories would be applicable on your data as you customize this template. You can continue testing the model to validate that the schema suits your purposes.

    When you are done testing, click "Use this Template" button in the upper right corner.

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