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Publish Multiple Models

An additional option exists for advanced users: you can deploy multiple models to a single endpoint. This means that a given document can be categorized by multiple models in the same API call. A deployment with multiple models is highly recommended when latency is key to your client application as you will make one call to the Duet endpoint to get the response from multiple models instead of calling multiple endpoints, one per model.

  1. Click Deployments on the left side-bar.
  2. You will see the undeployed changes from one or more models in your Duet account marked as the "Latest Changes". These will show up as more than one record at the top of the list. You can expand each series of model changes to review them by clicking on the number of changes in each record. To deploy the changes, press "New Deployment" on the top row.

  3. When you are creating a deployment, a pop-up will appear that allows you to enter a deployment name and description. When creating a deployment, you can roll model(s) changes to an existing endpoint in which case the older model(s) on that endpoint get replaced by the new model(s). Alternatively, you can deploy the model(s) changes to a new endpoint.

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