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Publish a Single Model

Publishing your model is how you make the model available for consumption on a REST endpoint. You cannot publish your model before you add 5 labeled documents to each of your user-defined categories when you are teaching your model. Every time you publish some model changes, you basically create a new version of the model.

  1. To deploy a model after teaching and testing, click Publish at the top of the screen.
  2. View previous deployments. If no deployments have been created, you will only see the undeployed changes under the "Latest Changes" header at the top of the listing page. You can expand the changes to review them by clicking on the number of changes. To deploy the changes, press "Deploy" on the top row.

  3. When you are creating a deployment, a pop-up will appear that allows you to enter a deployment name and description. When creating a deployment, you can replace the most recently deployed version of the model with a new version of the model. This will help with rolling out model updates to the same endpoint without having to change your code. Alternatively, you can deploy the new version of the model to a new endpoint. This scenario will be needed if you would like to deploy the new version to your staging environment while the older version continues to run in your production environment. This allows you to conduct A/B testing of model versions as well as flighting.

    At any point, you can click on the Changes column in any row. The expanded view will show the changes incorporated in this model version.

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