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Integrate with Google Sheets

Duet offers a number of integrations with third party add-ons that can leverage the published classification model. These integrations enable users to have a full no-code experience from building a model to consuming the model on their data where it is stored. Please note that if you'd like to watch an instructional video on building a document classifier and gaining insights from it via app connections you can access it here.

  1. From the Publish tab, publish your latest changes. Once you finish publishing, press the Google Sheets icon.

    This will bring you to the Google Play Store where you can download the Duet Sheets extension.

  2. Tap "Install".

  3. A message will appear requesting access to specific data that the extension needs to work on. Read the message, then tap "Allow".

  4. After you install Intelus For Sheets, you’ll need to restart Google Sheets to see Intelus For Sheets. Press Add-ons again and select Duet from the menu.

  5. The Duet side pane will open. You will be required to sign in to Duet to gain access to your published models.

    If the sign-in pop-up doesn't open, it may be because you haven't given your browser permission to utilize pop-ups. Please refer to these official documentation articles about turning off pop-up blocker settings in Mozilla, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

  6. Use the drop down list to select which Duet deployment to use, and then select the model within the deployment. You can choose only one model at a time to get its prediction. Get the prediction for the selected queries in the Sheet, or use the dropdown to select a column. The selected cells or column on which you want to get predictions from the model have to contain text. If you attempt to get a prediction without selecting a deployment, an error message will prompt you to select a deployment.

    The prediction of your selected model on the selected column or cells will show up at two appended columns to the rightmost of the sheet. One column shows the predicted category and the second shows the confidence score of the prediction. The maximum time limit that the prediction can be running is 90 minutes.

Alternatively, if you started from Google Sheets itself, open a document or spreadsheet in the Google Sheets app. The following steps replace step 1 in the previously outlined steps, and you can pick back up the steps from step 2.

  • Press Extensions.

  • Press Add-ons.

  • Press Get add-ons.

    A list of add-ons will open in the Google Play Store app. Search "Intelus for Sheets".

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